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Red Sox Game 86 recap: Go home, Jonny

Highest WPA: Jon Lester, .358 (7 IP, 6 H, 1 BB, 5 K, ER)
Lowest WPA:  Daniel Nava, -.175 (1-4, 3 LOB)

…in the “referring to preview title with a nod to him scoring a run” sense, not the “oh my god, just get DFAed before you end up starting because we do stupid shit these days” sense. But with every bit of CLUTCH HITTING, I’m starting to fear Gomes’ time against righties will soon eclipse his role against lefties (currently, he has only 13 more PA against lefties). On the other hand, every day of statistically improbable, unsustainable success brings the Red Sox a little bit closer to the postseason.

Speaking of being too harsh: through the first inning, Jon Lester looked terrible. And I just assumed it would be another of those games, because despite having the best reputation in the rotation, he is very much a mortal, non-ace starter who shouldn’t be a “number one” if the Sox want to be taken seriously as a threat. But he ultimately went seven innings on just 102 pitches, with enough ground balls that I’ve started to accept his diminished strikeouts. Good for him.

Now go dupe Ruben Amaro into giving up Cliff Lee for salary relief and Jonathan Diaz.

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