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Red Sox Game 85 recap: Oh, right, John Lackey’s awesome

Highest WPA: John Lackey, .387 (8 IP, 6 H, ER, BB, 6 K, HR)
Lowest WPA: Shane Victorino, -.079 (0-4, K, 3 LOB)

I give up. John Lackey apparently needed Tommy John surgery for his entire adult life, and nobody noticed it until last year. Now that he’s healthy, he can be the pitcher that he always should have been, which is apparently the best pitcher in the world. It doesn’t make sense, but neither does anything else. John Lackey is just the best, you guys, and I’m sick of fighting it.

Koji Uehara is also really good, although it should be noted that any pitcher would look good if all he had to do was get three outs before surrendering three runs. If there’s anything at all to the notion that pitchers only have so many bullets, and that Koji’s are particularly limited and should be used very judiciously, maybe bringing him in with a 96% win expectancy isn’t the best thing to do. But of course, he’s the CLOSER, and only the CLOSER can get SAVES.

In other news, Homer Bailey threw a no-hitter. It was the second of his career, giving him two more than Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux combined. Baseball’s weird.

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