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Red Sox Game 84 recap: Victory? YES.

The Pirates are better than us, but that's okay!

Highest WPA: Andrew Miller, .233 (1 2/3 IP, 2 K, BB)
Lowest WPA: Koji Uehara, -.169 (IP, 2 H, ER, K, HR)

Damn, this bullpen is… really less than the sum of its parts, it often seems. Yesterday, it was Junichi Tazawa getting beaten by Jose Bautista; today, it was Koji Uehara. But hey, Joey Bats is a beast. No shame there.

Shane Victorino’s walkoff reach-on-error continues his trolling of my esteemed co-blogger, but I’ll take a lucky 0-for-5 over a good hitting day in a loss.

More improbably, the majority of Boston’s runs came on doubles from Ryan Lavarnway and Brandon Snyder. Lavarnway has been solid but unremarkable this year, while Snyder is the guy so new to the team and so generally inconsequential (93 OPS+ in 57 career big league games) that I keep having to check myself and not call him Brad. One of them could continue to be useful; Lavarnway’s bat regressed in recent years, but he’s shown enough at AAA that a decent presence at the plate wouldn’t be shocking (though despite improvement, he’s not going to match David Ross defensively).

The other surprise… well, let’s hope he doesn’t have the chance to show what he’s got. Snyder’s a solid enough backup, but as a starter with Jonathan Diaz on the bench? That’s pretty sad for a contending team. Sad enough that if the Sox were only to pick up some salary… I wouldn’t mind seeing Michael Young play third against left-handers. (If Will Middlebrooks’ slump keeps Xander Bogaerts from being traded, it’s not all bad!)

Yes, the left side of the infield is in such a state that I’m advocating platooning Stephen Drew with Michael Young and having Jose Iglesias in the lineup every day. I’m as stunned and confused as you are, dear reader.

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