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Red Sox Game 81 recap: I shouldn’t find it hard to believe what I just saw

Goog took my lazy title candidate. Bastard.

Highest WPA: Daniel Nava, .103 (1-4, RBI)
Lowest WPA: Shane Victorino, -.044 (1-4, 1 LOB)

Jon Lester is still good.

Yeah, it’s always been admitted overreaction based on expectation versus performance, rather than performance alone, but seeing Jon Lester go seven solid innings against a Toronto team that has finally been playing up to its potential was still a small surprise. The southpaw was charged with four runs, but allowed just one extra base hit. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jon Lester start without something to complain about; two of those four runs came when Junichi Tazawa had to relieve Lester, who injured his hip with two on to start the eighth. So we’ll get to bite our nails over that until his next outing.

I would also be remiss in not crossing off “big early run support” from my Jon Lester Excuse Bingo card. The Sox beat on Chien-Ming Wang so hard he couldn’t hold up for even two innings, his impotent pitching quickly deflating Toronto’s hopes. I’d say more, but we should save some penis humor for when we see Toronto’s Johnson. I may be nine years old, but I’m a nine year old who believes in pacing himself.

Tomorrow, for some reason, the Red Sox are giving Allen Webster yet another opportunity to demonstrate that he’s not ready for the majors. If you like dingers and hate Boston, you should definitely not miss this one.

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