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Red Sox Game 80 recap: Won; probably still doomed

somehow, this graph makes it look more suspenseful than it felt

Highest WPA: John Lackey, .195 (7 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, HR, 12 K)
Lowest WPA: Jose Iglesias, -.071 (0-4, K, 2 LOB)

I mean, when Jose Iglesias can’t even get on base, you know your team’s screwed!

I kid, I kid. But even on a day when John Lackey looked almost ace-like, it’s hard to escape a feeling of impending doom thanks to Clay Buchholz’s uncertain status. Goog will correctly point out that Boston’s fate was precarious all along with so much riding on a guy with just two twenty-start seasons in his career, but what looked like a minor injury has turned into a long series of aborted rehab attempts leading to an MRI.

If it’s just a matter of resting through the All-Star break, that’s fine, but after recent Sox debacles, it’s hard not to expect the absolute worst here. If Lackey continues to be this good and Jon Lester can get back to pitching like an ace, not an average-or-only-slightly-above starter, perhaps this will all turn out okay. But until then, or until Buchholz comes back healthy, it’ll be hard to get too excited about any isolated win.

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