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Red Sox Game 80 preview: Probably gonna win, definitely doomed

Afternoon baseball on a Wednesday, just before I start my work week? Don’t mind if I do, universe!

1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury – .294/.359/.406 (.335 wOBA)
2. RF Shane Victorino – .288/.343/.386 (.323)
3. 2B Dustin Pedroia – .316/.396/.424 (.359)
4. DH David Ortiz – .317/.400/.617 (.422)
5. 1B Mike Napoli – .264/.345/.450 (.345)
6. LF Daniel Nava – .280/.375/.447 (.358)
7. C Jarrod Saltalamacchia – .261/.325/.460 (.341)
8. SS Stephen Drew – .225/.310/.383 (.303)
9. 3B Jose Iglesias – .434/.484/.575 (.458)

SP John Lackey – 71.1 IP, 61 K, 17 BB, 9 HR; 3.03 ERA (143 ERA+)
3.82 FIP, 3.46 xFIP, 4.27 tERA, 3.48 SIERA

Clay Buchholz is, amazingly, still hurt, meaning that–at least until Jon Lester gets to face teams like the Rockies instead of the Tigers–the Red Sox’ best starting pitcher takes the hill tonight. That would be nice if that best starting pitcher wasn’t John Lackey, who hadn’t been good since 2009 and hadn’t been this good since sometime between 2009 and never, depending on the metric you use.

Either he’s needed Tommy John for at least three years and nobody said anything, or he just isn’t this good and is going to regress. You all know which one I’m betting on. I just hope he falls apart quickly enough to convince Little Ben to add a starter before the trade deadline, rather than just help contribute to another collapse in August and September.

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