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Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 Recap: Dickpunch Central.

I can take losses. Well, eventually. Once the anger and disappointment wear off and I remind myself that I’ve seen my teams win the World Series twice and a Stanley Cup once in the last decade. Once the playground taunts and the bullshit compliments from the other side wear off and the season fades into oblivion and…. you know what? I’m still speaking from anger here.

There is disappointment in life and so on. What’s a bit harder to take is Patrice Bergeron being loaded into an ambulance sometime during the second half of the game and never being heard from again. It appears as if he might have left the ice after suffering some sort of lower-body injury, but if you know anything about his Pat Lafontaine-esque injury history then you have cause to be worried. Not just for the Finals, but for the long-term future of a player who means a lot to this team. That kind of sucks.

The Bruins played hard tonight and just didn’t score. Patrick Kane managed to put pucks past Tuukka Rask on a slightly weird bounce and a loose puck that Rask couldn’t quite get in front of. That was all the game took, as a third-period Zdeno Chara goal wasn’t enough to tie things up and send the game into overtime. The Bruins are now in a three games to two hole heading home for Monday night’s game 6, which one way or the other will be the last Bruins home game that means anything until October. It’s not impossible that the team can win the next two games, with or without Bergeron. They’ve been in every single game of this series and really have played it tough. But tonight sucked, kind of. Monday…. we’ll see.

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