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Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Recap: D’awww raspberries.

I don’t want to tell myself that the Bruins were two goals away from sweeping the Finals. Really. Because that would be bad and stupid. But they lost in overtime tonight and gave up six goals to the Blackhawks’ offense. The good part? They scored five goals, proving they can get the puck in Chicago’s net at least. The Bruins played hard all night, and made the necessary comebacks when the Blackhawks went up on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, they never had a lead of their own and managed to play “catchup hockey” for the entire game. That’s losing hockey, you know, and tonight they lost.

So the Bruins can feel good knowing that they held their own against the Hawks once again, and also feel bad knowing that they could’ve won the damn game and lost it instead. Overtime coin tosses are a bad idea and should never be attempted except as a last resort. The Bruins have played well against a good team, but with the series tied now they gave the home team advantage right back to Chicago and have to win at least one more game on the road to even have a shot at this. Game 5 is on Saturday night at 8, because the NHL likes making us wait. Tune in.

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