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Stanley Cup Finals Game #2 Recap:

Woo, that was something. Maybe after that bad first period you had a sinking feeling about this game. I know I did. But the Bruins are a tough team, and they adapt to situations like this one in the playoffs, tying the game at one in the second and holding tough through the third period. As always, Tuukka Rask was at the center of everything, holding off the Hawks and making life difficult for their offense all night long.

When overtime swung around for the second night in a row, momentum seemed to finally swing in Boston’s direction, as they had probably their best period of the night and earned several scoring chances against Corey Crawford. Finally, Daniel Paille scored from the back of the circle to give Boston their first win of the finals and send the series to New England tied at one game apiece. This was the sort of contest that makes you believe that Boston really can win it all, as they hung with the Hawks through a tough beginning and improved as the game went on before finally taking it and tying the series.

It goes home to Boston on Monday night now. I won’t be watching because I….. got tunnel vision and bought baseball tickets without checking the schedule. Yeah. So do watch in my place. I want you to. I need you to.

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