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Red Sox Game 65 preview: Full strength again

At least until somebody gets hurt by a falling scaffold or trips on the bullpen mound or gets some other injury caused by playing in a death trap.

1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury – .279/.348/.393 (.326 wOBA)
2. RF Shane Victorino – .280/.338/.356 (.310)
3. 2B Dustin Pedroia – .333/.416/.462 (.383)
4. DH David Ortiz – .322/.394/.637 (.431)
5. LF Daniel Nava – .299/.395/.472 (.374)
6. 1B Mike Carp – .318/.366/.682 (.437)
7. C Jarrod Saltalamacchia – .273/.341/.515 (.368)
8. 3B Will Middlebrooks – .201/.234/.408 (.275)
9. SS Stephen Drew – .234/.330/.giddyup409 (.323)

SP John Lackey – 51.2 IP, 50 K, 14 BB, 7 HR; 2.79 ERA (156 ERA+)
3.82 FIP, 3.27 xFIP, 3.94 tERA, 3.24 SIERA

Of course, just because you have your best players available doesn’t mean you have to play them, or so John Farrell thinks. He sees it as more of a challenge to bat his worst hitter second, not to mention just having Victorino in the lineup at all. That one, I would think, is at least aided by management; if we started sitting Victorino against pitchers he can’t hit, then he’d be on the bench 70% of the time and giving him $39 million might look like a bad idea. No, it’s much better to run him out there, and save Mike Napoli for a pinch hitting appearance that he either won’t make, or will make in place of someone else.

In other news, Middlebrooks’ return to the lineup meant that there was one terrible infielder too many on the team, and that spelled doom for Pedro Ciriaco. He hasn’t prayed to whatever BABIP gods have been smiling on Jose Iglesias, and his defense isn’t nearly as good, so he is gone. For now, at least; it’s quite possible that he makes it through waivers, winds up in Pawtucket, and then finds his way back onto the main roster before the season’s over. He is terrible, after all.

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