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Red Sox Game 54 recap: Diem not carped

Highest WPA: Jacoby Ellsbury, .079 (2-5, RBI, 2B, 3B)
Lowest WPA: Daniel Nava, -.189 (1-4, HR, BB, but 5 LOB including tying and go-ahead runs on in 9th)

I can’t say anything good about a start that included 3 home runs, much less from a starter going only 6 innings, but it’s still hard to put this loss too heavily on John Lackey. The third inning ended with Dustin “keep playing hurt even though that’s made me terrible in the past” Pedroia caught stealing; the sixth stranded the tying run at second with nobody out (Carp grounded into a double play to end the threat); the seventh left the tying run on second with one out.

On the bright side, the Mets chased David Phelps after one out, and something called a Preston Claiborne also pitched in a losing Yankee effort, so at least Boston remains in first place. Unfortunately, the Orioles and Rays fared better against their interleague “rivals,” so the division just keeps getting tighter. Even the Blue Jays are playing .500 ball lately!

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