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Red Sox Game 54 preview: Oh Christ the pitchers have to hit now

It was nearly two years ago that I wrote a scathing indictment of the stupidity that is National League baseball, and yet despite this revelation nothing has changed. And so, with the Red Sox heading into Philadelphia to continue their series with the Phillies, we will have to put up with watching John Lackey hit when we could be watching David Ortiz hit. Who thinks this is at all an upgrade?

1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury – .257/.324/.351 (.299 wOBA)
2. RF Daniel Nava – .289/.392/.461 (.369)
3. 2B Dustin Pedroia – .332/.422/.444 (.382)
4. 1B Mike Napoli – .258/.338/.485 (.355)
5. C Jarrod Saltalamacchia – .260/.340/.458 (.348)
6. LF Mike Carp – .281/.328/.632 (.402)
7. SS Stephen Drew – .227/.327/.386 (.313)
8. 3B Jose Iglesias – .429/.462/.514 (.424)
9. P John Lackey – .105/.105/.158 (career, 40 PA)

SP John Lackey – 39.2 IP, 40 K, 11 BB, 3 HR; 2.72 ERA (164 ERA+)
2.94 FIP, 3.03 xFIP, 3.48 tERA, 3.12 SIERA

  • Remember Opening Day, when Pedroia dove into first and I said that he probably hurt his thumb and would play through it like an idiot? Yeah, he totally did. Since he’s played well, of course, he’ll be lionized, and we’ll continue ignoring 2010 and 2012, when he also played hurt for an extended period of time and stunk on ice. And I’m sure the career-worst ISO he’s putting up so far in 2013 has nothing to do with this injury.
  • Jackie Bradley’s back, sending Alex Wilson away and giving the Sox an extra bench bat for interleague. I would have put bat in air quotes, but he’s actually been hitting really well (.354/.457/.544) at AAA, so it’s possible that he’ll be better than what we saw from him the first few weeks of the season. Hopefully he’ll go back to Pawtucket when Victorino gets back, and the Sox will stick with twelve pitchers; we had been carrying thirteen for a few days, which is d-u-m-b stupid.
  • Did I ever mention that Franklin Morales is back, and Alfredo Aceves is gone? That happened. You probably already knew about it. Please tell me you don’t rely on The Sporting Nerds for your Red Sox news.
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