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Red Sox Game 50 recap: Of flukes and fedoras

Highest WPA: Pedro Ciriaco, .310 (3-4, RBI, 2B)
Lowest WPA: David Ross, -.167 (0-5, 5 K, 4 LOB)

Baseball. I don’t understand it. I can’t predict it. It makes no remote shred of sense to me.

As well as Ciriaco’s contributions, Jose Iglesias ALSO went 3 for 4 and had a legitimate double. It’s pretty ridiculous, and the idea that this would be a breakout year for the batless shortstop just didn’t fit with how horrible he was at AAA after his apparently fluky hot start in the majors. I just can’t make sense of it. Is he some sort of prima donna who refuses to play well unless he’s in the majors? Does he have blackmail on half the pitchers in MLB, yet none in the International League? Does he require an elegant pregame spread to properly fuel himself for a game, and find the meals in the minors severely lacking?

Or is it just another tiny sample where ridiculous things happen in defiance of the heavy odds against ridiculousness?

I don’t know. At least Ciriaco’s good day defies the horrible season he’s had after fading down the stretch last year. A bad player having a good day is a lot easier to swallow than a bad player in the minors having multiple good days whenever he gets called up.

Oh, and speaking of weird stuff in single-game samples: congrats to David Ross on the platinum fedora. Good job making me assume you came back way too quickly after the concussion. (I still love Ross, perhaps even moreso for letting me use the phrase “platinum fedora,” but this team seems to have at least as much stupidity as any other in terms of guys playing hurt. Give me an overly cautious, non-gritty guy over a rush-back-and-make-things-worse-while-hurting-the-team “team player” any day.)

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