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Red Sox Game 46 recap: All wet

Highest WPA: Jarrod Saltalamacchia, .099 (0-2, K, BB, R)
Lowest WPA: David Ortiz, -.276 (1-4, GIDP)

This one didn’t feel very close most of the way, largely thanks to Jose Quintana going from “nice but nothing special” to the second coming of Sandy Koufax every time he faces the Red Sox. Felix Doubront didn’t look too bad himself, though it should be noted that the White Sox are not exactly known for their patience; coming into tonight they had the fifth-highest swing percentage, and the third-lowest walk rate, in MLB. Still, a quality start from a non-quality starter is always nice, and I give John Farrell credit for pulling him after 85 pitches rather than send him back out for the seventh to possibly put a black mark on an otherwise alright outing.

Farrell’s management after that, though, leaves something to be desired. Despite what his ERA will tell you, Alex Wilson is not a good pitcher, and the return of Andrew Bailey as well as Clay Buchholz starting tomorrow should have meant that Farrell had him on a very short leash–or, perhaps, just went to better pitchers than him in the first place. Instead, he was asked to throw two innings, and that ultimately ended as should have been expected: With the Red Sox in a deeper hole than they were when Wilson started the eighth. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered–the pouring rain didn’t exactly inspire confidence that the offense would mount a comeback–but one at least has to wonder.

No Chris Sale tomorrow, which is an unexpected surprise. Maybe Clay can help salvage one game against this last-place team before the Sox return home to take on Cleveland.

SHANE VICTORINO SHOULDN’T BE ON THE ROSTER, BOTH BECAUSE HE SUCKS AND ALSO BECAUSE HE IS HURT WATCH: He didn’t play. Stunning. He’s now 3-21 (or something close to that) since getting hurt. He also, just in general, sucks. And we gave him $39 million.

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  1. May 21, 2013 at 11:16 PM

    Shane is 3-20, you at-bat-fabricating monster.

    Also John Farrell is just conspiring to keep Felix’s IP-per-start average down so you still get to claim Beckett is more reliable.

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