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Bruins / Rangers Game 2 Recap: Bruins Wrangle the Rags.

This afternoon the Bruins pushed hard against the Rangers. The had to, New York can always rely on Henrik Lundqvist to play hard and keep them in games, so the Bruins needed to maintain offensive pressure in order to have any hope of putting anything by the Ranger netminder. Then surprisingly, in the first period they did. Unfortunately, less than a minute later the Rangers responded with single-handed Ryan Callahan effort. The commentators used it as an opportunity to crow about “momentum shifts” and “quieting the Garden crowd” as things wound down in the 1st. Then the Bruins scored again in the second period, and things picked up again.

Too bad that the Rangers scored again less than a minute later. It looked like a tough contest ahead for Boston, but somehow they preserved through some hit posts behind Rask and took the lead again on a Johnny Boychuck wrist shot that snuck into the net. Tuukka held the Rangers off until the third period, where Patrice Bergeron found Brad Marchand right in front of the net, who put it past Lundqvist and into the goal to give the Bruins a two-goal lead that they would never give up. A Milan Lucic tally later in the period put a comeback for New York almost completely out of the question. The Bruins now hold a two-game lead heading to New York on Tuesday, against a Ranger team that looked unable to finish things off tonight and has a lot to prove. It’s still an interesting series, tune in.

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