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Bruins / Rangers Game 1 Recap: New series, same as the old.

Henrik Lundqvist is a dude who we can actually expect to perform against the Bruins in this round, unlike James Reimer, who must’ve sold his soul or at least gotten extremely lucky to play the way he did against Boston. So it was frustrating and somewhat encouraging at the same time when the Bruins hit many posts against him tonight. Frustrating because they were beating him without scoring, and encouraging because at least they were beating him. A slow first period suggested the two teams were busy feeling each other out for what threatened to be a long series. In the second, both teams finally broke through as play started to loosen up.

The Rangers grabbed a quick lead just fourteen seconds into the third period when Derek Stepan scored. Torey Krug (who?) managed to tie it up on a power-play three minutes later and the score remained that way until overtime, even after Johnny Boychuck hit the post with just tenths of a second remaining on the clock as the period ended. Boston had most of the offensive pressure during the overtime period, including a power-play that resulted from an interference penalty. The team didn’t manage to score though until Brad Marchand received a pass from Patrice Bergeron in front of the net and put it past Ludqvist to give the Bruins the first victory of the series.

The Bruins fought hard to won this game and spent more than a fair amount of time dominating the offensive zone. Lundqvist will probably continue to be the Rangers’ strongest asset, as Boston will have to consistently find a way to beat him in order to win this series. Game 2 is on Sunday afternoon at 3. Tune in.

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