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Red Sox Game 41 preview: Momentum, a third time

Winning begets winning. I don’t think that’s very controversial to say. And if there’s anything at all to the notion that a good way to win a game is to have won the game before it, then inserting a festering pile of suck between Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz is a terrible idea.

1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury – .256/.323/.360 (.303 wOBA)
2. RF Shane Victorino – .284/.344/.362 (.315)
3. 2B Dustin Pedroia – .340/.428/.423 (.376)
4. DH David Ortiz – .325/.360/.614 (.405)
5. 1B Mike Napoli – .261/.318/.522 (.357)
6. LF Thank God Daniel Nava’s Playing – .286/.388/.495 (.375)
7. SS Stephen Drew – .245/.336/.418 (.330)
8. 3B Will Middlebrooks – .208/.238/.424 (.283)
9. C Jarrod Saltalamacchia – .255/.330/.480 (.350)

SP Felix Doubront – 32.1 IP, 35 K, 16 BB, 1 HR; 6.40 ERA (68 ERA+)
2.83 FIP, 3.46 xFIP, 4.18 tERA, 3.70 SIERA

Clay Buchholz is on four days rest, you know. Felix Doubront is terrible and hasn’t pitched in a week. Now the Red Sox do need a fifth starter, and given that Tim Wakefield probably isn’t in the best shape right now that means Doubront may well be the best guy to fill that role. But someone is going to have to explain to me why it makes sense to reinsert Doubront into the rotation today, against Tampa, instead of tomorrow, against Minnesota. Why punt the last game of a series with a divisional rival? Why make the crappier pitcher face the better offense? Why break up Lester and Buchholz at all?

Also Shane Victorino’s in the lineup and Mike Carp isn’t and that sucks too.

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