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Bruins / Leafs Game 7 Recap: There you have it, “woo.”

Yup, just your average comeback from a 4-1 deficit with less than ten minutes to go in the third period in game 7. That sort of thing. Two goals with the goalie pulled and all that. You really see that thing every day. And then an overtime winner to send the Bruins to the second round to play the Rangers. That’s all it was.

The Bruins went down by three early in the third and that was pretty much it…. for Toronto doing anything right. See what I did there? The Bruins scored three times, twice with Rask pulled, and nearly ended it before regulation ended. But instead they saved it for overtime, where a few Tuukka Rask saves cleared the way for Bergeron to push a rebound past James Reimer and end both the series and Toronto’s season.

So this is it. Actual victory here at The Sporting Nerds! The stuff legends are made of! Can you believe it? I can’t! Or can! I don’t know! Fuck! The next series is against the New York Rangers, and it begins… whenever! Get ready!

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