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Red Sox Game 37 recap: Not sunny enough

Highest WPA: Will Middlebrooks, .233 (2-4, 2 2B, K)
Lowest WPA: Junichi Tazawa, -.274 (IP, 2 H, ER, 2 K, HR)

The best way to mask a suddenly thin bullpen is to have your starters be awesome, and for 17 innings last night and today that was the case. Unfortunately, Clay Buchholz could “only” give eight innings, and so the pen was needed for the top of the ninth. Now, Junichi Tazawa is a good reliever, and I don’t mean to say that he isn’t, but he shouldn’t have been the first man out of the pen. Koji Uehara is the best reliever the Red Sox have–this was true even with Bailey and Hanrahan healthy, by the way–and as such he should have been called on before Tazawa.

Tazawa, however, is the CLOSER now, and the unwritten rules of baseball management say that the CLOSER comes in for the home team in the ninth inning of a tied game, best reliever or not. This brainless adherence to conventional wisdom, despite the absence of actual wisdom in it, has cost the Sox more than once already this year, and it reared its ugly head once again today.

Speaking of brainless: Sportspun mislabeled a game recap the other night, and as such we’ve been one game ahead of the actual schedule for a few days. It’s fixed, now, but we can safely say that “counting” now joins “properly tagging posts” on the list of things my esteemed compatriot can’t reliably do.

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    Hey, so I missed the game, how’d it g-

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