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Red Sox Game 35 recap: Second place

Highest WPA: Daniel Nava, .150 (2-3, RBI, BB)
Lowest WPA: John Lackey, -.230 (7 IP, 6 H, BB, 5 R, 8 K, HR)

The Twins.

The goddamn Twins.

First they ended David Ortiz’s hitting streak, now they’ve ended the Red Sox season-long reign of having at least a share of first place. Lackey’s line obscures a really nice start to the game, but while his sixth inning runs are “unearned,” the only error in the inning was Lackey’s own. Simply put, he appeared to do what the Lackey whom Sox fans learned to hate often appeared to do – completely implode at the smallest problem. After throwing a ball into center field, Lackey gave up a sacrifice fly that suggested everything would be okay… and then gave up the back-breaking home run to Oswaldo Arcia. As expected, the Sox quickly got one of the runs back, but a three-run deficit in the sixth was just too much for the offense to overcome.

Against the Twins.

So the Red Sox are now behind the Yankees in the loss column – those same Yankees who appeared to be vanquished by complacent penny-pinching and injuries, but have received one of the best seasons of Vernon Wells’ career and are reveling in a vintage of Travis Hafner not seen since 2006. Will that be the case for the remaining four-plus months of the season? Hopefully not. But right now, with the quick way in which the Sox have squandered their hot start, it feels pretty damn awful.

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