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Red Sox Game 34 recap: Spotty starter

Highest WPA: Jonny Gomes, .251 (1-4, HR, 5 RBI)
Lowest WPA: Allen Webster, -.551 (1.2 IP, 6 H, 3 BB, 2 K, 2 HR, 8 ER)

It’s a weird case where Goog embraces a prospect while I insist he is not ready (Webster looked great at AAA this year, but had below-average control at AA in past seasons and has not proven he’s over that), but here we are. (I’m gonna cling to that little bit of bragging rights for now because Felix Doubront’s work in relief didn’t support to my “no, really, he’s an acceptable #5 starter for a contending team,” either.)

Meanwhile, Ryan Pressly got a nice bit of revenge on the Sox for letting him go in a Rule 5 draft where they favored such prized assets as Stolmy Pimentel, Alex Wilson, and Steven Wright; the Minnesota reliever had four shutout innings against an offense that had knocked Pedro Hernandez out after two. Pressly’s enough of a non-prospect that tonight may very well be the best game of a short major league career, but even so, it adds a bit of extra insult to the loss.

So… the Sox are dangerously thin in pitching, and as a result have seen their red hot April turn into a tepid May as they’ve fallen into a tie with Baltimore for the division lead. Hardly time to panic, but we’ve known since the offseason that the pitching was questionable. Most of the question marks have resolved into acceptable-to-good answers, but the rotation is an arm short, as is the bullpen. If the Red Sox care as much about their team’s on-field performance as their business’ bottom line, they need to plug the gaping chasm that Ben Cherington allowed over the winter. While they’re at it, a third baseman would be nice, because Pedro Ciriaco is no upgrade from Will Middlebrooks.

Oh, and David Ortiz’s hit streak is over. That’s too bad.

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