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Red Sox Game 28 recap: Happ-y Endings

Highest WPA: Ryan Dempster, .282 (6 IP, 4 H, 3 BB, 4 K, HR, 1 ER)
Lowest WPA: Dustin Pedroia, -.108 (0-5, 6 LOB, 1 non-dive-into-first on the rare play where a dive could’ve helped)

So we finally got some of the unimpressive Ryan Dempster that Goog has feared since the moment the Red Sox were linked to the righty. The game started as poorly as it could, with Brett Lawrie going deep to give the Sox an early deficit. Once they dug right back out of that hole, Dempster had some control issues, culminating with a bases-loaded, one-out, behind-in-count, can’t-throw-strikes jam to Edwin Encarnacion. What followed was one of the great moments in sportschat serendipity:

(8:13:14 PM) Goog: Tell me again how good Ryan Dempster is
(8:13:30 PM) Sportspun: lol…was gonna say, you need to start hating on him again.
(8:13:48 PM) Sportspun: 8.66 xFIP today
(8:14:09 PM) Goog: Jesus.
(8:14:20 PM) Sportspun: No K will do that to you.
(8:14:53 PM) Sportspun: Also, NO FUCKING CONTROL
(8:15:30 PM) Goog: Almost like he’s old and shit. Who could have predicted that?
(8:15:45 PM) Ryan Dempster & Sox defense: *get a double play ball, escape inning unscathed*
(8:16:10 PM) Goog: You lucky shitty fuck.

The moral of this chat log: I can get annoyed at Goog’s worship of The Soxpocalypse Three, I can argue in favor of Shane Victorino’s worth, and I can call my friend a horrible human being for wanting to see Nick Swisher on a team he roots for. But will never again begrudge him his Dempster-bashing.

Dempster ultimately went six innings of mediocre but lucky baseball, Junichi Tazawa escaped a jam of Andrew Miller’s making, and Joel Hanrahan got to close because Andrew Bailey is, surprisingly, hurt. Let’s hope the Bailey injury is minor; if it’s not, I just wonder how long a rope Hanrahan will be given to hang himself and, potentially, this team’s chances.

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