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Bruins Game 48 Recap: I hope you like Toronto.

The Bruins are a good team, really. Sure they hit a few bumps in the road this season but they’re good overall and were a single point out of first place in the northeast for Pete’s sakes. Sure they stumbled their way in but at this point it’s all about how the Bruins play going forward. Tonight they lost in heartbreaking fashion by coming back early in the third period and giving up the tiebreaker to the Senators with four minutes remaining to drop the last game of the year and miss out on the northeast division title and a shot at the Islanders in the first round, but that’s okay.

No really guys, this has been a successful Bruins season and the Leafs are beatable! The Bruins have home-ice advantage in the first round and won’t have to see the Penguins until the conference finals unless all of the top seeds in the east advance. Meanwhile, Patrice Bergeron is healthy again and the entire team is together. The playoffs don’t start for the B’s until Wednesday, until then you can watch other playoff games (assuming you have the NBC Sports Network of course) or watch the Red Sox or whatever. It’s all up to you. But the Bruins kick off on Wednesday at 7, remember that! Make sure to remember that. And keep calm. Breathe. It’ll all begin again soon.

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