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Red Sox Game 24 recap: Is Daniel Bard still broken?

Highest WPA: David Ortiz, .213 (2-3, BB, 2B, 3 RBI)
Lowest WPA: Mike Carp, -.091 (0-3, 2 K, got lifted for Jonny Gomes who proceeded to go 0-2 with a strikeout of his own because Jonny Gomes is terrible)

Yep, Daniel Bard is still broken.

How badly? “8 balls, 1 strike”-level badly. “Alex Wilson was used to put out his fire” badly. “We’ll be glad to see John Lackey take his roster spot” badly.

So yeah, that’s not good. But hey, that is just one of the few remaining hangovers of the 2012 debacle; the Sox won tonight, getting an improbable 6 2/3 innings out of Felix Doubront, who walked three (including one for a run) in a first inning that lasted approximately nine hundred pitches. It’s still only the Astros, so rebounding from that trouble isn’t going to make Goog any more tolerant of Doubront’s nibbling ways, but the Sox got some contributions from the bottom of the order (Mike Carp finally cooled off, sadly) as well as our fucking Big Papi.

Only one of the “good bullpen” trio was used, with Junichi Tazawa throwing 11 pitches, so that was a welcome reprieve from the “daily save situations in former blowouts” trend. John Lackey goes tomorrow against the Astro’s winningest pitcher (Bud Norris, 3-2), so the rested relievers could end up being useful. Hopefully, the offense shows up again and finishes a low-anxiety sweep.

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