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Red Sox Game 23 recap: Rocket men

Highest WPA: Ryan Dempster, .160 (6 IP, 4 H, 3 BB, 10 K, 2 ER)
Lowest WPA: Daniel Nava, -.062 (0-4, 2 K)

Early on, this felt like a game that was far too close and unremarkable for the Sox vs. a former Boston starter who has had a rough year. Things turned out just fine, though. Boston saw its backup catcher deliver some of the offense that he’s been missing this year with two Monster home runs, while Pedro Ciriaco made his case to get more playing time over a dreadful Stephen Drew. Will Middlebrooks preceded his own long ball with an at-bat that required four straight fouled fastballs before he turned on a changeup. David Ortiz confirmed that he still has plenty of power. Ryan Dempster went 6 innings and demonstrated that nothing he does will make Goog shut up and enjoy the signing; his high pitch count was the result of 10 strikeouts (and three walks), finally earning his first Boston win.

An illustration of the silliness of the “save” statistic: without the added run in the bottom of the 8th, the Red Sox would have felt compelled to use their very best reliever. With that addition and a four-run lead, they felt okay using Alex Wilson, he of the 1.50 WHIP and mediocre minor league career.

But all in all, a great game with a lot of positive takeaways. Except for Jonny Gomes. Jonny Gomes is still a waste of every cent they’re paying him.

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