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Bruins Game 46 Recap: Nuts and Bolts.

Games against regular-season burnouts like this year’s Tampa Bay Lightning squad are supposed to be a gimmie, right? Well Tuesday’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers was also supposed to be a gimmie but the Bruins managed to collapse and lose a game that they probably should’ve won that night. Maybe the Lightning couldn’t have been expected to roll over and die in spite of being the second-worst team in the east. In the first period Boston seemed to suffer from the same problems as always, not maintaining any pressure or using the physical game to their advantage. Then, two-thirds of the way into the period a fight erupted between Andrew Ference and Benoit Pouliot that seemingly turned things around for the Bruins.

The B’s maintained a much stronger presence from that point on, relying on a few impressive saves from Tuukka Rask to keep things even before finally managing to break the scoreless tie with a Dennis Sidenberg slap shot from the point four and a half minutes into the second. Ten minutes later Daniel Paille one-timed a Gregory Campbell pass into the net to give the Bruins an insurance goal that lasted the rest of the game. Rask came up with his second shutout of the week and the Bruins held onto their lead in the Northeast for another night.

The Bruins are in the playoffs. The Bruins are still technically the second-place team in the Eastern Conference and have a shot at home-ice advantage all the way through to the conference finals at the very least. All that stands in their way are a a pair of games on the weekend against Washington and Ottawa. The Montreal Canadiens by contrast have only a single game left with which to gain any ground on the Bruins. Boston should be rounding into shape for next week’s first-round series against whoever next week, but there is something to be said for guaranteeing home ice. Washington doesn’t really have much to play for since they’ve wrapped up their division, but there’s always playing for pride. The game starts this Saturday at 7:00. Be there.

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