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Bruins Game 40 Recap: At least no one was hurt?

Well, it figures right? The first time the Bruins sustain some offensive pressure they run into a red-hot Evgeni Nabokov and only manage a single goal in spite of playing one of their better games in the last few weeks or so. The Islanders meanwhile weren’t able to do much with Tuukka Rask either, as he managed to stop everyone not named Josh Bailey. Unfortunately, people named Josh Bailey managed to get two goals by him tonight and the Islanders edged the Bruins in the end. Boston fought hard, not really seeming to miss Marchand or Bergeron all that much (they did obviously, but they still managed a lot more scoring chances than they normally do).  The Bruins missed a really good chance to clinch the playoffs tonight as either a single point or a Winnipeg regulation loss would’ve put them in the tournament. Unfortunately they lost and Winnipeg massacred the Panthers, so the playoffs will need to wait.

Next up is a road trip to Carolina on Saturday night and another chance to make the playoffs. Carolina is pretty much out of it and the Bruins have already beaten them once this week. Will Carolina make the mistake of letting Justin Peters on the ice next time around? Probably not. Tune in Saturday to see if the B’s can clinch that postseason spot when they aren’t spotted a two-goal lead.

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