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Red Sox Game 9 recap: Aced out


Highest WPA: Clay Mortensen, .130
Lowest WPA: Jarrod Saltalamacchia, -.190

Yesterday’s would-be hero is today’s WPA goat. And his team comes away with zero wins to show for it.

At least by comparison to the Hanrahan meltdown, this was… just a bland loss. It wasn’t an inept bullpen performance, it wasn’t a terrible start, it wasn’t costly errors or even particularly egregious squandering of scoring chances. Nope, the Red Sox just let Chris Tillman (he of the 4.83 career ERA) and the O’s pen look really good, and got another 0-for-4 out of their left fielders (is Mike Carp on suicide watch yet?). I’d love to complain about Aceves overtaxing the bullpen by only going five mediocre innings, but John Farrell made the right call pulling him early in a close game. Clay Mortensen did his job; Andrew Miller and Koji Uehara failed to do theirs (and Alex Wilson got away with being bad at his).

The only real takeaway from this game would be some healthy paranoia: perhaps Uehara’s shaky night will cost him future high-leverage opportunities. It shouldn’t. Hopefully the Sox give him some leads to protect this weekend, and maybe a nice blowout advantage once to let Hanrahan back on the mound.

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