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Bruins Game 36 Recap: Jagrmeister

So Patrice Bergeron is healthy and Jaromir Jagr is headed to town and everything looks good. Then it turns out that Jagr is in town and Bergeron is not healthy. Whatever, it happens. The New Jersey Devils are a banged-up team barely clinging to the playoffs and without any sort of positive momentum heading into tonight. So maybe the Bruins could’ve been expected to take two points from this game based on the strength of their opponents. New Jersey is a defense-first team though, and the Bruins are still having trouble scoring. That could add up to trouble for a team that just lost one of its best forwards.

True to recent form the Bruins had a difficult first period, letting New Jersey camp out in their defensive zone and relying heavily on Tuukka Rask to keep them in the game. They completely turned things around in the second period however, spending most of their time in the offensive zone and managing to keep the Devils on their heels for most of the time. Even with all the pressure they put on, it took a wacky bounce off of Jagr’s leg for the Bruins to actually score a goal. A pass from Brad Marchand collided with his leg and passed by Martin Brodeur less than two minutes in to give the team their first and only tally of the evening. From there on out neither team scored again, and both goaltenders held their teams in the game until time ran out. Rask took home his third shutout of the season with the win and collected 40 saves doing it. Meanwhile Boston pulled within a point of Montreal for the division lead, coincidentally the Habs are the next opponent in Montreal on Saturday night. It should be a fun game, and NBC Sports doesn’t tend to swipe weekend broadcasts. So do tune in.

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