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The Sporting Nerdiest Predictions

Because we’re big on delayed gratification here at The Sporting Nerds, we’ve saved the best predictions for last! (I’ve apparently developed an ego. Stay tuned to see if it causes blog drama!)

AL East
Toronto Blue Jays (#2 record in league)
Tampa Bay Rays WC2
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles
I was going to go with Boston in second place to spite naysayers with excessive optimism, but I really can’t do that given the concerns about David Ortiz. Still, putting New York in forth is gutsy and controversial, right?

AL Central
Detroit Tigers (1)
Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
Kansas City Royals
Minnesota Twins
Is this the most boring division, as far as prediction drama goes? Quite possibly. Only real stake I have is seeing how elite the Tigers can be to vindicate my optimism. Or how badly closer-by-committee fails just to make every sabermetric nerd (like me!) scream in frustration at things not being the way they should be.

AL West
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (3)
Oakland Athletics WC1
Texas Rangers
Seattle Mariners
Houston Astros
Yawn, another pretty bland division. I guess being bearish about the aging Rangers but not the pitching-starved Angels is going out on a limb?

NL East
Washington Nationals (1)
Atlanta Braves WC2
Philadelphia Phillies
New York Mets
Miami Marlins
If playoff predictions weren’t insane BS, I’d say Nats/Tigers to face off this October. Instead, we’ll probably see one of them miss the postseason entirely and the Astros run the table in 11 games, or something.

NL Central
Cincinnati Reds (2)
St. Louis Cardinals
Milwaukee Brewers
Chicago Cubs
Pittsburgh Pirates
Part of me wants the Cubs to pass the Brewers to surprise people, but more of me wants them to trade everyone but Rizzo for more prospects and get the #1 draft pick. All of me is going to be disappointed.

NL West
Arizona Diamondbacks (3)
Los Angeles Dodgers WC1
San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres
Colorado Rockies
I resisted the urge to go crazy on the Red Sox, so I’m gonna cash in my ballsy-slash-stupid chips here. This probably clinches Didi Gregorius ending up starting sooner than later and Adam Eaton missing the whole season, doesn’t it?

I hate predicting awards. Let’s just go with guys who are really good who are employed by teams that should be decent!

AL MVP: Mike Trout
AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander
AL ROY: Wil Myers
AL Manager o’ th’year: John Gibbons
AL Comeback Player: Mariano Rivera

NL MVP: Joey Votto
NL Cy: Stephen Strasburg
NL ROY: Jedd Gyorko (not on a team that “should be decent,” but at least he is A. good and B. in possession of a starting job already)
NL Manager: Davey Johnson
NL Comeback Player: Troy Tulowitzki. I don’t have a damn clue what voters look for most in this category.

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