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Bruins Game 31 Recap: The Bruins played a game tonight and won.

In spite of a losing road trip last week, the Bruins returned home tonight with a chance to tie Montreal in first place (and technically take the lead thanks to some tiebreakers). To do that though, they needed to beat a Toronto team that they’d already lost to on Saturday night. The Leafs managed to build a 2-0 lead in the second period to make things look desperate for the home team. To that point Boston had spent the majority of their time in the Toronto defensive end but the Leafs had made the most of the few scoring chances they had while the Bruins were kept off the board. Milan Lucic turned everything around by scoring his first goal since February less than two minutes after the second Toronto goal.

Boston still needed to tie things up though, and Patrice Bergeron manged to come through for them midway through the third period. The Bruins held on the pressure afterwards but they were unable to score before regulation time ran out. So the two teams ran through an overtime period in which neither side was able to finish the other off, and it went to a shootout. Bergeron came through for the Bruins for the second time, scoring Boston’s second goal of the shootout to give them the lead and the eventual win to put them barely ahead of Montreal in the standings until the two teams meet at the Garden on Wednesday. It’s always fun when these two franchises meet, so do tune in.

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