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Sporting Nerds Podcast #2 – MLB over/unders

It’s back! The ultra-infrequent Sporting Nerds podcast returns, with me and Space Ochoa Sportspun T’Come taking a look at each team’s over/under lines as they stood on St. Patrick’s Day.

You can listen to the podcast now to hear what we picked, or just hit that lovely link below to see it in text form…

Sportspun and I largely agreed, but we did have a few differences at the end of the day, which are here:

Goog takes Padres under 74.5; Sportspun takes over
Goog takes Cardinals over 85.5; Sportspun takes under
Goog takes Cubs over 72; Sportspun takes under
Goog takes Mets under 74; Sportspun takes push
Goog takes Rangers over 87; Sportspun takes push
Goog takes Yankees over 86.5; Sportspun takes under

And the rest of our picks:

Dodgers over 90
Giants over 86
Diamondbacks over 81.5
Rockies under 71.5

Reds over 88.5
Brewers under 79.5
Pirates under 79

Nationals over 90
Braves over 86
Phillies over 81.5
Marlins under 64.5

Angels over 89.5
Athletics over 83
Mariners under 76.5
Astros under 59.5

Tigers over 90
White Sox under 80.5
Royals under 79
Indians over 77.5
Twins under 64.5

Blue Jays over 86.5
Rays under 86
Red Sox over 79.5
Orioles over 76.5

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  1. March 22, 2013 at 2:12 AM

    I take no responsibility for accuracy of predictions made during our hasty end-of-show recap and stand by my longer-discussed opinions. Therefore: stupidly saying SD gets over 74.5; push on TEX at 87; Cubs under 72; Phillies over 81.5.

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