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Punchsport Podcast 10 Count

Yes, it’s another episode of the Punchsport Podcast! This one features myself, HulkaMatt, MRP, KFG, and the Shaman of…well, some bodily fluid that I don’t care to mention.

Topics after the jump, in case you’d like them to remain a mystery:

2. Bully Ray is the TNA Champion, and the leader of Aces and Eights!
3. TNA’s all-female PPV is a complete clusterfuck.
4. WTF was with the Jericho/Miz/Barrett/Maddox segment tonight?
5. What percentage of pro wrestlers in the US make a living just from wrestling?
6. FEUD OF THE WEEK: Rob Van Dam vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
7. What are your favorite or least favorite tropes in pro wrestling?
8. HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION TIME: Would a random WWE crowd know to chant “you suck” at Kurt Angle?
9. What’s your favorite promo of all time?
10. Let’s talk about PWG for like 15 minutes.

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