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Bruins Game 14 Recap: Horton Hears A Goal Horn Or He Would Have If This Was Not A Road Game.

Nathan Horton is one of Boston’s most valuable offensive pieces. Its kind of a shame then that he’s been so concussion-prone over the last few seasons. He’s healthy this year though, and it’s paying off big time for the Bruins. He scored the first goal just over a minute into the game after a Dougie Hamilton rebound drifted in front of an open part of the net. Patrice Bergeron added another goal two minutes later to give Boston a multi-goal lead before five minutes of game time had passed. Steven Stamkos brought some of Tampa’s momentum back and gave the home crowd something to cheer about in a building that seemed to largely favor the visiting team by putting a wicked wrist shot over Tukka Rask’s shoulder and give the Lightning their first goal. Things remained the way they were until Tampa managed to tie things around the halfway point of the second period when Cory Conacher put a wrist shot past Rask to tie the game.

Boston kept plugging though and managed to retake the lead when Tyler Seguin countered a Tampa rush with one of his own and Brad Marchand picked up the rebound. Nathan Horton later scored his second goal of the game when he redirected a Zdeno Chara shot from the point and gave the Bruins a two-goal lead. Try as he might, Horton failed to score a hat trick after Tampa pulled their goalie late in the period. It didn’t matter in the end because Boston held its lead and won the first game of their Florida trip. Next comes a stop in Miami on Sunday afternoon to take on the Panthers, who haven’t been so great this year. A win there would guarantee a winning road trip, and take off any pressure that taking on the Islanders in their own home building might carry.

(I’m joking of course, the Islanders are awful and don’t have any fans).

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