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Bruins Game 11 Recap: Torts_ebooks

It’s not too often you can be happy about a loss. I mean, they’re losses. Losses suck. But in the magical land of the National Hockey League, teams that lose after regulation still get a point in the standings. To even get to overtime, the Bruins had to stage a miracle comeback. After a weak goal trickled by Tuuka Rask in the third to put New York ahead by three, Boston had eighteen minutes to tie things up when they hadn’t yet scored.

Oh, but tie things up they did friends. First David Krejci got a shot into the Rangers’ net a split second after a penalty to Rick Nash ended to put the Bruins on the board for the first time. After that the B’s offense mounted more opportunities but failed to score as the clock began to wind down.  With time running out, Rask was pulled for an extra skater. Nathan Horton capitalized on the advantage to bring Boston within a goal. Then with 43 seconds left in the game, Brad Marchand put the puck past Henrik Lundqvist to tie the game and send the TD Garden into hysterics.

What happened afterwards isn’t really important. Things went into a shootout Boston tied it with their last shot in the third round and then lost in the fourth round when Ryan Callahan scored blah blah blah…. The truly significant part of this game was Boston’s comeback, netting them a point and keeping them in first place in the Northeast. This was the last time the Bruins meet the Rangers in the regular season, so any rematches will have to take place in the playoffs. For now, the Bruins head off to Buffalo to face the Sabres again. This actually marks the start of a very long road trip for the Bruins that will take them all the way to Florida and Winnipeg before they return home to face the Senators on the 28th. At least they went out on a high note.

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