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Punchsport Podcast: 10 Count

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Punchsport Podcast, the 10 Count is a show where we cover ten main topics, spending about five minutes on each of them. HulkaMatt and I did an impromptu one of those yesterday; here were the topics:

1. Where is WWE going with Brock Lesnar?
2. How would you feel about having a WWE Champion who doesn’t appear on every show?
3. Is having two world titles a good thing?
4. When is Dolph Ziggler going to cash in his Money in the Bank? When he does, will he win the title?
5. Do you still like the Money in the Bank?
6. Jack Swagger’s back! What on earth are they doing with him?
7. Feud of the Indeterminate Time Period: Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan
8. Who will be world champion next: Daniel Bryan or CM Punk?
9. Wrestler of the Indeterminate Time Period: El Generico
10. Best terrible submission: The Rock’s Sharpshooter, Shawn Michaels’ inverted figure-four thing, or The Miz’ figure four?

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