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Bruins Game 1 Recap: Hell yeah we’re doing this.

We're still working the kinks out with some of this stuff.

Hockey is back! Woo! Insert joke about two of you caring here. Okay, now insert joke about us having two readers here.

Cool, now that’s out of the way. After a four-month slap-fight that threatened to end the season and probably the league, the owners and the players made up with each other and the season finally got underway between the Bruins and the Rangers tonight. Boston has had trouble against the Rangers in recent years for some reason, even during their recent run of success. New York had won the team’s last four meetings in Boston. A lot of it probably has to do with New York goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who was in top form tonight, even as the New York defense seemed to let him down (Boston outshot the Rangers 32-20). The Bruins scored by capitalizing on his mistakes. First Lucic buried a long rebound that came off of a David Krejci shot to score the first Bruins’ goal of the year, and then a Daniel Paille shot bounced off of the post and Lundqvist’s back to slowly trickle into the net.

That was the eventual game-winner, although Brad Richards made sure there was no talk of a shutout with a goal in the second period. Johnny Boychuck got the goal back for the B’s when he scored off a Patrice Bergeron faceoff win in the third period. From there it was pretty easy for Boston, and they ended New York’s winning streak at the Garden and won their season opener for the first time since 2008. Next up is the newly resurrected Winnipeg Jets in an afternoon game on Monday. Things looked good tonight, they beat a good team and looked strong doing it. New York has a loaded roster this year and they’re clearly going for a title, the Bruins did well to beat them. Hockey season is back! If you weren’t into it before, then do your best to acquaint yourself with this fine sport.

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