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The NHL is dead. Long live the NHL.

Today is the first time I get to use the “NHL” category. A category I had such high hopes for before it was cruelly snatched away from us this Thursday evening. Why? Well it appears that talks between the NHL owners and the Player’s Association have broken down. That’s going to make it awfully hard to write Bruins recaps this Winter. Oh the fun we are missing out on.

I’m sure that’s nothing compared to the 10% of total revenue that one of the two sides is missing out on. What are the joys of hockey compared to the horrors of being slightly less rich? Word is that the league were the ones who ultimately decided that they were going to pull out of negotiations, so if you must direct your initial hate somewhere then send it in Gary Bettman’s direction. I’m going to hold off on rants in defense of organized labor or all-out assaults on Donald Fehr because I’m still in “stunned silence” mode and don’t want to make this into a political blog. Suffice to say that I hate both sides and this is just another example of the utter incompetence this league has conducted itself with over the last ten, maybe twenty years. Honestly.

Don’t bother coming back, NHL.

  1. December 6, 2012 at 7:48 PM

    You can bite your tongue all you want, but I shall not: This isn’t a “both sides” thing. (As an aside, most of the time you see someone blaming “both sides” for just about anything, they’re probably either an idiot or working for the side that is more wrong than the other.) This is the NHL owners–not even all of them, just some–deciding that even though they won remarkable gains in the last CBA, they wanted even more. They wanted to slash the amount of money the players took home, again. They wanted the union to make a ton of concessions, and the union ultimately did; the owners just decided that it wasn’t enough.

    Fuck Gary Bettman. Fuck the NHL owners. Fuck the owners of everything.

  2. December 6, 2012 at 7:52 PM


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