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Blue Jays acquire all the players.

In case you haven’t heard, news came down this evening that the Florida Marlins have traded Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, John Buck, Anthony DeSclafini, Emilio Bonifacio, and Jose Reyes to the Blue Jays. This is in exchange for Yuniel Escobar, Jeff Mathis, J.P. Arencibia, Henderson Alvarez, Jake Marisnick, Adeiny Hechavarria, Justin Nicolino, and….. a cuban sandwich.* Also Florida is chipping in $4 million. How nice of them.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, this means the Marlins owe $16 million in non-arbitration salaries next season, down all the way from $100 million last year. The Blue Jays meanwhile go from a rotation that was a dumpster fire last year to one that is slightly less of a dumpster fire. Will moving Johnson and Buehrle to the AL East hurt them? Well, Johnson’s velocity was down a little bit, and Buehrle is turning 34, but probably not. For Toronto, this looks like a decent deal.

As for the Marlins, this is another salary dump by a franchise that just hosed its own city for hundreds of millions of dollars to build a bizarre green stadium with its very own dinger machine. A franchise which seemed to be promising its city that it wouldn’t be cheaping out on them any longer after nearly two decades of exactly this kind of behavior. Florida is a joke basically, and it’s an even bigger joke that Jeffrey Loria is still allowed to own an MLB franchise after years of this. But there you have it, that’s Bud Selig’s MLB. One where ovations are made towards competitive balance and financial responsibility, as MLB’s management trumpets higher revenues and increased attendance figures, while wealthy owners pocket more money, cry like children, and do the best they can to sink their own franchises in the name of a dime. Yippie.

*I was just joking, Loria is too cheap to pay for a sandwich

  1. November 13, 2012 at 10:40 PM

    It wouldn’t be The Sporting Nerds if I didn’t at least mention that the Red Sox also have the ability to take on a ton of money, a handful of going-nowhere prospects, and obvious needs at shortstop, catcher, starting pitching and in the outfield.

    Of course, I think it’s likely that Loria just threw a dart at the wall when he was choosing which team to call first, and it happened to hit the Blue Jays.

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