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Week 9 NFL picks

I’m back! I missed last week’s predictions because I was lazy and terrible, and I missed the entire World Series because Robbie is awesome and I’m…well, not. As always, these are the picks I enter on the SAS Eliminator site, which is a cool site that you should visit and perhaps take part in. If you want. I’m not the boss of you.

Home teams in CAPS.

CHARGERS -9 over Chiefs (eliminator pick)
Broncos -3.5 over BENGALS
Ravens -3.5 over BROWNS
COLTS +1 over Dolphins
Lions -4 over JAGUARS
PACKERS -11 over Cardinals (reverse eliminator pick)
WASHINGTON -3.5 over Panthers
TEXANS -10 over Bills
Bears -3.5 over TITANS
Bucs +1 over RAIDERS
SEAHAWKS -4 over Vikings
Steelers +3.5 over GIANTS
FALCONS -4 over Cowboys
SAINTS -3 over Eagles

Last week: 8-5; hit eliminator (Packers) and reverse eliminator (Redskins)
Season: 55-58-3; 7-1 eliminator, 8-0 reverse eliminator

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