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World Series Game 3 Recap: At least we have hock- ….. oh.

Highest WPA: Ryan Vogelsong, .325
Lowest WPA: Hector Sanchez, -.099

Well there you have it kids. You know what I hate about sweeps? They’re boring. Like, really really boring. After tonight’s contest, all the drama has been almost completely sapped from this series. And while a comeback obviously isn’t entirely out of the question, we all know that it’s a huge longshot. The Tigers’ offense has done nothing in this series, absolutely nothing. This was the second straight game in which they were shut out and the second straight 2-0 defeat that Detroit has suffered. They grounded into two double-plays in the first three innings. One came on the first pitch of their second straight AB with the bases loaded.  Worst of all, the Giants offense has barely been better, managing just four runs over the last two games. In theory the Tigers offense should be picking up what really has been strong work by their pitchers, but Cabrera and Fielder have been almost entirely silent for this whole series. By the end of the night, members of the Detroit crowd were booing the home team’s lackluster effort, and given the way that the team performed up until this World Series, it’s hard not to understand their frustration.

Tomorrow Max Scherzer attempts to keep the Tigers’ hope alive facing Matt Cain. It doesn’t look good. Then again, when does facing elimination in a sweep look good?

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