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World Series Game 1 Recap: Pablo Goes Yard… O.

Highest WPA: Pablo Sandoval, .269
Lowest WPA: Hunter Pence, -.025

Oh, that wacky Pablo Sandoval. He’ll swing at anything! Tonight he just so happened to make contact while he swung at everything, and quite surprisingly the ball went a great distance every time he did. In four at-bats, Pablo came up with three home runs and four hits, putting the Giants on top early and then keeping them there. The Tigers’ offense was somewhat alive throughout the game, but never truly broke through until a Jhonny Peralta home run in the top of the 9th, when the game was already well out of hand. Justin Verlander looked good, but unfortunately he couldn’t get past the fourth inning. Meanwhile Barry Zito scattered some hits and even tossed in an RBI single after the FOX announcers made an obnoxious crack about him hitting against Verlander being a huge mismatch. Jose Valverde came in to relieve in the 7th in order to “get his confidence back” and was promptly awful. Meanwhile Tim Lincecum took over for Zito and was perfect for 2 1/3 innings.

Tomorrow, Doug Fister goes for the Tigers as people attempt half-hearted jokes about fisting in San Francisco. Madison Bumgarner will start for the Giants. The game begins at 8:00 eastern, be sure to shield yourself against Tim McCarver with earplugs. Or a mute button. Or both.

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