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World Series Game 1 Preview: The World’s Serious

Verlander Vs. Zito. Brick and Brack. The Three…. Yeah anyway, I’ve been trying to awkwardly work a bit about how Zito and Verlander’s teams faced each other in the 2006 ALCS with little success. I’m not sure why doing this is so important to me, because the two pitchers never once faced each other during that series. Now Zito is playing for a different team and in a different league, and Verlander’s career has steadily risen from an already impressive rookie year while Zito’s peaked with a horribly expensive contract that offseason and has steadily plummeted since then. Barry has managed a decent playoff campaign however, and in the spacious confines of AT&T Park he just may be able to keep the Tigers’ big bats in the ballpark. I said maybe. Justin Verlander is going to be pitching in the exact same ballpark though, so if he’s on his game then the Giants may need to keep things even for nine whole innings and take their chances with the Detroit bullpen.

As for the series as a whole, well…. I always hesitate to make predictions on a baseball playoff series. Detroit definitely has the advantage on offense, and their starting pitching is very competitive with San Francisco’s. If the Tigers have a weakness, it’s in their bullpen. Jose Valverde is probably going to get an opportunity to finish multiple games in this series, while Joaquin Benoit managed to surrender 14 home runs in 71 innings. Now you might argue things about massive platoon splits hiding the strengths of the Tigers’ pen, but with Jim Leyland’s tendency to over-manage in the face of adversity and the way things can quickly go wrong in a playoff series, any game that goes to the bullpen will hinge on Leyland’s judgement for the Tigers. My prediction is the Tigers in six. San Francisco’s above-average pitching will keep them afloat for a while, but Detroit is the better overall team.

So here we go folks! Detroit Vs. San Francisco, in San Francisco at the top of the hour.


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