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Fare-thee-well Mike Aviles.

So the news is in, Mike Aviles has been traded for John Farrell. Mike isn’t exactly nothing, in the same way that a hologram at shortstop which allows baseballs to pass through it technically exists and is not nothing. This still speaks to a disturbing trend of doing really dumb things to make up for earlier really dumb things in the Red Sox front office. No player is worth a manager, managers don’t play baseball (in this day and age) and don’t directly effect any individual play on the field. All managers, good and bad, are covered in “intangibles” and similar garbage. There is no useful way to qualify the effect a manager has on a team, if he has any significant positive effect at all, and the praise that managers receive for not screwing up is often written as praise for somehow making the team better than it actually was.  The best any manager or coach can do is not hurt his team, something Bobby Valentine was utterly incapable of. Will Farrell not be a horrible screwup like Valentine was? Well, I’m not going to judge. Yet.

  1. October 21, 2012 at 7:41 PM

    Aviles was not going to be part of the Red Sox’ plans in 2013, and in that respect I suppose getting a guy the players like to be their pointless figurehead leader is better than getting absolutely nothing. Of course, this move was predicated on stupidity (WE NEED JOHN FARRELL!!!) and enables further stupidity (JOSE IGLESIAS IS A MAJOR LEAGUE SHORTSTOP!!!), so it’s hard to give it even the slightest praise. When the nicest thing you can say about a move is that it might mean nothing, it probably wasn’t a move that needed to be made.

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