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Cardinals/Giants NLCS Game 5 Recap: Barry Zito Pitches.

Highest WPA: Barry Zito, .299
Lowest WPA: Buster Posey, -.085

When you heard that this series was all up to Barry Zito, maybe you thought it was all over for the Giants. I mean, I don’t know. Barry Zito has been awful pretty much for the duration of the terrible contract San Francisco gave to him before the 2007 season. He’s enjoyed a mild resurgence this year, sure. But you could always blame that on luck and the Giants playing in an extreme pitcher’s park. Him taking a shutout into the 8th wasn’t what you all expected, was it? No, no! I’m sure it wasn’t. Not at all! Barry Zito is terrible with his mid-80’s fastballs and average control. So of course he took this game into the 8th and kept the Cardinals off of the board all night long.

More surprisingly, the Giants offense sort-of came alive in the 4th. They needed it handed to them though, as the big play of the inning came when Cardinals starter Lance Lynn literally hit the second base bag with a throw during an attempted double-play and sent the ball into the outfield. The Giants capitalized on their opportunity with another single and a walk. Then Barry Zito stepped to the plate with two out and successfully bunted for an RBI single to make the score 4-0 and pretty much end the game. A Pablo Sandoval homer in the 8th made it 5-0 and ended the scoring. The Cardinals manage a few baserunners in the bottom of the 8th and 9th, but nothing came of it.

The series heads back to the Bay Area now. Will St. Louis’ incredible recent playoff luck come to an end? Maybe they aren’t used to having a lead in anything. Baseball returns on Sunday night, so get ready! However you do that.

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