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Cardinals/Giants NLCS Game 2 Recap: Random San Francisco Reference.

Highest WPA: Ryan Vogelsong, .145
Lowest WPA: Buster Posey, -.042

Well for once, weird bounces and unfortunate calls went against the Cardinals. Line drives actually fell in for extra-base hits and the Cardinals didn’t mount some sort of last-second miracle comeback that wiped a better story off the map and gave us another glorious year of St. Louis World Series baseball. Unfortunately, this was not an elimination game and the team they faced was the San Francisco Giants. Oh well. Marco Scutaro (remember him?) was taken out by a Matt Holiday slide into second base in the 1st inning. In the 4th, he contributed a two-run single to a four-run inning before being lifted in the 5th. Meanwhile Ryan Vogelsong became the first Giants starter of the postseason to reach the 6th inning, which is sort of a surprising stat. In the 8th, Gregor Blanco was clearly doubled off of first base after a spectacular Jon Jay catch with nobody out in the inning, but the umpiring crew blew the call. Two runs scored in the inning, although if Blanco had been called out it might’ve only been one. The Giants held on and manged to win, meaning that the Cardinals can save all of their obnoxious comebacks for later in the series. Damn you St. Louis. Damn you all to Hell.

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