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A’s/Tigers ALDS Game 4 Recap: YAAAAAAAAy.

Highest WPA: Coco Crisp, .478
Lowest WPA: Cliff Pennington, -.207

When Stephen Drew got thrown out at third base after knocking in the first A’s run of the game and made the first out of the inning at third base, a deadly sin that all commentators will make sure to warn you against, you could almost hear the sound of 30,000-plus A’s fans sitting on their hands in unison. Things looked worse as the Tigers tacked on a single run in the eighth to put them up by two. Luckily for Athletics fans, Jose Valverde is a bad closer. I mean, he was, like, awful tonight.  A single and two consecutive line drives tied the game before even one out was recorded. With Seth Smith in scoring position and nobody out, George Kottaras popped out and Cliff Pennington stared at a splitter that was called for a third strike. Oakland still had a tie game at home with a bad and potentially shaken pitcher facing them though, so with nothing to lose, Coco Crisp hit a single into right that the outfielder failed to pick up and throw back into the infield, and just like that the A’s tied the series and sent everyone in the Oakland Colosseum home happy. Everyone but the Tigers at least.

Tomorrow the A’s need to find a way to beat Justin Verlander. After tonight, that sort of seems like some sort of twisted reward. Both teams are going to trot out everything they have for this game, so expect a hum-dinger. Your humble Nerds will be there. In spirit at least.

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    Apologies for the title to this entry, I could change it, but the edit button is way…. over… there…….

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