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ALDS and NLDS Recap: Bay Area Bonanza.

Highest WPA: Sergio Romo, .317
Lowest WPA: Brandon Belt, -.176

Tonight the Reds failed to score more than a single run against Giant pitching. That’s sort of a shame, because the Cincinnati pitching staff did an excellent job of holding off the Giants for nine innings. Things went badly for Jonathan Broxton in the tenth though, but with a passed ball and an error in the inning you can’t entirely call it his fault, like certain hack sportswriters tried to (cool backtrack though, Bill). In the bottom of the tenth, the Reds went down quietly against Sergio Romo, who had already thrown an inning and hit for himself after the Giants scored their go-ahead run. The Reds need to find a way to beat Barry Zito tomorrow, otherwise they risk the infamy of going down in history as the first team to lose a playoff game to Barry Zito during his Giants run.

Highest WPA: Brett Anderson, .329
Lowest WPA: Josh Reddick, -.088

Tonight Brett Anderson pitched an elimination game at home after missing three weeks due to an injury. In an inspiring turn of events, he actually manged to give the Athletics more than they thought he would with six shutout innings. This did come with the help of some excellent defense behind him of course, as Coco Crisp robbed Prince Fielder of a home run in the 2nd inning and Yoenis Cespedes robbed Fielder a second time in the 7th by catching a line drive to left. Oakland only managed two runs tonight, but with their excellent pitching and spectacular defense that was all they ever needed. The A’s get a shot at tying the series tomorrow with AJ Griffin facing Max Scherzer. Best of luck to both teams, as they attempt to swipe any small piece of headline space possible away from the Yankees.

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