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Yankees/Orioles ALDS Game 1 Recap: Orioles Tragic.

Highest WPA: CC Sabathia, .336
Lowest WPA: Curtis Granderson, -.129

Out of all the members of the Orioles’ pitching staff, I never expected Jim Johnson would be the one who would blow up. Let a single run slip by? Maybe. Sure. But this? Yikes. Somehow Baltimore kept things tied up until the 9th, when Johnson fell apart and only recorded a single out. Maybe the long rain delay made him tired? Maybe the TBS announcers jinxed him with their crack about how hard it was to hit a sinker in cold weather? Whatever happened, a tight game suddenly became very boring and Baltimore lost what was a very good shot at taking a lead in the series. Before Johnson’s disaster of a performance, Jason Hammel actually pitched very well and the O’s bullpen escaped a few tense innings, making it look like Baltimore might really sneak away with this. Unfortunately, Baltimore’s offense was held down by the pitching of CC Sabathia, who held them off until the Yankee lineup finally took off in the 9th.

Tomorrow (well, today) the Orioles try again. Will they succeed and win at least a game in front of their home fans? I don’t know. I’m not a sports betting dude. I bet they do though.

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