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Week 5 NFL picks

Was last week a disaster for everyone, or just me? I hope it was everyone. Home teams are in CAPS as I try to get back above .500 for the season…

Cardinals -1 over RAMS
BENGALS -3.5 over Dolphins
Ravens -6 over CHIEFS
Packers -7 over COLTS
GIANTS -9.5 over Browns (eliminator pick)
Falcons -3 over REDSKINS
Eagles +3.5 over STEELERS
Bears -6 over JAGUARS
PANTHERS -3 over Seahawks
49ERS -10 over Bills (reverse eliminator pick)
PATRIOTS -6.5 over Broncos
VIKINGS -5.5 over Titans
SAINTS -3.5 over Chargers
Texans -9 over JETS

Last week: 5-9, hit eliminator (Ravens) and reverse eliminator (Browns)
Season: 29-31-3

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  1. October 4, 2012 at 6:45 PM

    I don’t formally do ATS picks (unless my comments here count; go tally them for me!), so I have no idea if I’m better or worse than you in this. But in this case, I’ll take SD +3.5 but otherwise go with your picks.

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